Walnut Mortar and Pestle

The mortar and pestle are handcrafted. Ideal for breaking garlics, almonds, nuts… Each product is unique therefore they have different shape, size and design.
You can use this pretty walnut mortar in your kitchen or simply as a decorative object.


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    Wood is a natural material, it will continue to live. Therefore, cracks in the root structure of the walnut tree can appear. This does not represent a quality defect and does not degrade the product

    Hand wash only.
    The wood is relatively hard but can warp on contact with water.
    Do not leave in water, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher.

    Do not put greasy or strong-smelling foods directly on the surface, as it is not recommended to wash them under running water.
    Needs a little oiling once in a while like other wooden items. Proper oil is tasteless and odorless. Rub the surface with sandpaper to remove spots and hard nicks.